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Robert Sherman of Sherman Marine has been in business since 1978. All of our boat tops are custom made to fit you and your boat. They are designed and built on the premises.

We have the strongest boat T-Tops in the business. They have an S.P.F. of 100 so you will not get sunburned.

We build custom boat hard tops for our boat towers, boat half-towers and boat T-Tops. All of our control and instrument boxes and hard tops are built in house. Our hard tops are built with H-80 Divinisil, and are custom shaped to fit your boat. All radar pads, center riggers and instrument boxes are molded in for a clean sleek look. 

All boat towers are hand-crafted to scale, so you can see what they will look like before they are even built. We also build heavy duty dive platforms and boat ladders for dive boats and weekend warriors.